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Thursday, June 22, 2006 1:57:23 PM
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Saturday, July 16, 2016 11:11:33 PM
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Being so afraid of movement, these "dead" ones even fear the movements in others. And not only will they stop you "dead" in your tracks, they will surely drag you down "there" with "them"! -M-

"X" : guitar and voice
-M- : keyboard and lyrics

Unadulturated Keyboard, Guitar, Voice Improvisation.

Gluttony discourages charity
and pain is a hinderance to pleasure
and fear prohibits freedom.

Fear of pain
restricts the pleasures of freedom!

The freedom to feel!
both pleasure and pain is restricted those who fear death.

These are
so scared to die
...that they refuse to live.

scared to death individuals
hate to let anyone live

...if they know
He really lives!
it makes the Dead "FEEL" if they are missing out
...on something.

And they'll be damned!
...if they move!

They're gonna' stay in the grave!
...and pull you down with them!

Song Comments

Apocalypse Radio
Yeah, your sponsor likes it here... at the Apocalypse! -M-

I Like Strange. ~M~
And now... a message from your sponsor. -M-

My Other Station Is a Ferrari
Whoa... what the? Huh? Did I say Whoa? I meant WHOA! This is freaking wonderful. I wish I had the right variety of mushrooms to fully appreciate it. Maybe I should put this on my pod and frolic through the fields at night, picking the right shrooms. My god, I've been trumped!

Psyche's Music


What should I call this station anyway?
WTF is this guy talking about?

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