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Friday, June 23, 2006 2:28:13 AM
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Friday, December 14, 2007 4:19:45 AM
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Sunshine Smile..
MaryBethKopecknyStrange Brew
Counting the Seconds
The SOUND Cafe
The Gift
Vegetation Station
CrAzy Bowling Alley Masher
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Imani come on, come on out

Come on out and play.

Imani, come out and play with me today.

Imani, come out and play with me today

I'm outside your window and I won't go away.

Song Comments

Sunshine Smile..
Ultra-happy song with supa-sweet harmonies like finding yourself suddenly in the middle of a carnival in Rio-or actually more likely South Africa..Surely able to raise a smile in anyone..Nice

The Gift
A fun playful song Glenn... with a little bit of an Island feel to it. This is another song that paints an image in your imagination. That of a boy and girl hiding out from all who might suspect the feelings between them if they were seen together... but the boy and girl just can't help but want to be together... in spite of someone seeing that special spark between them. I love this song... it's a wonderful little tune.

CrAzy Bowling Alley Masher
"I'm outside your window and I won't go away" heh, cute...:)

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