Jonathan Patrick Moore20 Minutes Older
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Monday, June 26, 2006 3:50:31 PM
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Friday, January 18, 2008 3:16:06 PM


Jonathan Patrick Moore


I’m not sure whether Mum was climbing up or down the stairs,
Or whether my dear brother pushed me out,
We’ve argued many times over the intervening years,
But one salient point has never been in doubt,
I’m twenty minutes older – that may not seem much to you,
He may be a mite smarter, but this one thing is true,
He’s able to decipher a complex legal tract,
But I’m twenty minutes older – that’s a fact.

He might be better looking though my wife might disagree,
All such things are open to debate,
We are equal when it comes to the handgrip competition,
Though I think that I can lift a heavier weight,
But I’m twenty minutes older – that he can not deny,
Birth order is a factor though nobody knows just why,
And rolling through the years we’ve maintained this fragile pact,
I’m twenty minutes older – that’s a fact.

That means I’m half a vinyl record’s length ahead of him,
No matter how he tries to overtake,
When he’s still listening to side one of MEDDLE by Pink Floyd,
I’m hearing “Echoes” play for heaven’s sake!
I’m twenty minutes older - an eternity to some,
In a distance race that might be too much lead to overcome,
I’m forging on ahead in life there is no looking back,
I’m twenty minutes older – that’s a fact.

I’m twenty minutes older,
Better, wiser, stronger, bolder,
I’m twenty minutes older – deal with that!

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