Lana Martino-SmithCinderella Sings the Blues
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Friday, October 27, 2006 5:47:02 PM
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Monday, October 30, 2006 7:00:19 PM
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Cinderella Sings the Blues

Oh hear me I’m a hollow reed, blowing in the wind
Forgive me now I pray dear Lord, forgive me I have sinned
I questioned the unquestionable and I lost my only friend
Who left me in a world of sorrow, sorrow without end

My mother was no hand me down, but she was new and shone like gold
She guided me through darkest night, and warmed me from the cold
And now it seems that all my life’s a story that she told
A story that has weighed me down, trying to grow old

So I walked the years and swam the tears, guided by the Son
And but for fear of hell I may have ended it a young
Alas when we are of this world there is no place to run
When youthful dreams, with flimsy seams, surely come undone

But life is love and love is life of that one thing I’m sure
Aside from giving of ourselves, what else are we for
But all your bitterness and hatred closes every door
As you live your life alone, forever wanting more

So I’ll pick my scars, I’ll pick my scabs, I’ll pick them til I bleed
Until I’ve healed my soul I will not stop til I succeed
I want it all, I want what’s mine, though some may call it greed
And I can tell you that there isn’t much that you don’t need
To have, to hold, to save your soul, when you’re hollow like a reed

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Another Fine Mess
more like an Angel sings the blues, nice guitar work

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