Maria DainesMonkey in a Cage


For Felix and all non-human primates behind bars

We're ready for Felix now...

Another day the same as yesterday
They'll come to get me and they'll wheel me away
I'll touch the screen what does it mean
To be a monkey in a cage?
I learnt the game the same as yesterday
My world is pain and I just can't get away
I hear a voice there is no choice
I am a monkey in a cage...

Day after day and year after year
They use the little monkey's in a cage
And day after day and year after year
They use the little monkey's in a cage

Get out of my way there's an animal in there dyin' for the day that he passes away
Get out of my face there's an accident in that evil place n' it's a waste of space

Get out of my way there's an animal in there dyin'
Get out of my way there's an animal in there dyin'

© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP
4th December, 2006
Song Comments

Dogladies Sounds
excellent song!

Maria Daines is a spectacular artists who is constantly campaigning for the welfare of Animals August sees her supporting the Artist PINK to raise awareness and money for Five Animal charities..... AUGUST 20TH is the BIG RELEASE DATE FOR this awesome Rock tune the idea is that we all DOWNLOAD it on this date to highlight the plight of our PRIMATE FRIENDS in LAB CAGES....All proceeds for MONKEY IN A CAGE go to Cefn-yr-ewr PRIMATE SANCTUARY.....PLEASE go to for link to DOWNLOAD on the 20TH AUGUST and HELP MAKE A DIFERENCE!!!....

Compassion For ALL Creatures
A Sincere Plea to ALL...we must look at what we are doing to the Creatures of this planet! What have we gained in torturing innocent creatures...Everyone, Please Support Maria & Paul's Beautiful Song, so we can Help Felix, and others who suffer for no reason!

Break The Cycle
"Atrocities are not less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called medical research." George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), the 1925 Nobel Laureate for Literature. Best known for his plays and essays, he was a theater critic, political activist, socialist, and an opponent of war.

The Peoples Choice!
"Hi Steve...great idea here and one which i am happy to support...except that there are so many great tunes and artists here it's tuff to pick just one. The music of Maria Daines and Paul Killington is to me what we all strive for as Independent Artists...creative, quality work done without regard for monetary gain or mass popularity. Monkey in a Cage is perhaps the most powerful rock song i have ever drips with emotion and empathy lyrically and is performed and produced at an all pro level. It still gives me goosebumps after countless listens".........Chosen by PINEDOG

-the Dark side of human activity-

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