Maria DainesRed Light Blues
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Thursday, January 11, 2007 12:14:50 AM
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Saturday, October 06, 2007 11:23:39 PM
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Soul Over Sheen


Story of a lady of the night...

Goodnight to the last night blues,
Goodnight to worn out shoes,
Nobody said it was easy,
But nobody said I'd lose.

Goodnight to the man on the corner,
Goodnight to the gals in black,
Ain't got me a lousy quarter,
But then I ain't a' comin' back.

So it's a bus ride to the dust road,
An' it's a one night's lust - get me home,
One lost jerk an' his crossbow,
Oh keep the daddy under control.

Lost all my silver my mama saved to buy,
Well tear my hair clean off,
N' blind my painted eyes,
If I could come so clean,
Like the water in the well,
Not lyin' on my back,
With a carpenter from hell.

So it's a goodnight to the dirty game,
Goodbye to tom cat calls, they're all the same,
Hey! You never knew my name, ain't no fame,
Not even under curtain calls,
No never once my name.

Repeat 1st verse.


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Mystic Blues Radio
sweet slow groove.maria got the voice. lay it down on us girl

Soul Over Sheen
"M&P" - or Maria and Paul for the uninitiated - wear their politics on their sleeves and bash us over the head with their compassion, hoping we'll FINALLY get the message and acknowledge not only the SOULFULLNESS of ourselves, but of the other living creatures on this planet (and beyond?)...another absolutely honest artist who puts it all out there, come hell or high water, kicking ass in the name of gentleness (lol) favorite tough broad and her rockin' axeman are warmly welcomed to this station...

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