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Tuesday, January 23, 2007 1:17:41 AM
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007 1:31:07 AM
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We is the first release off Polystars second album and was one of the songs recorded with Roger O'Donnell of The Cure.

written by Fraser/Gold produced by Roger O'Donnell
Guest performances by Roger O'Donnell, courtesy of 99outof10.


I'm hungry like an animal
tied up and left
alone, I want to kiss you
and stifle your breath
because inside you is a sadness
that I want to taste
and sadness like yours, my dear
should never go to waste.

Hungry, distracted
from my day to day
I just keep thinking of you
and the sad things you say.
Your just so caught up, worried
broken into parts
you haven't noticed
how pretty you look in the dark.

You've made me feel
when I never thought I could.
You've had me love
where I never thought I should.
You let me taste, your darkness
warm like tea
so now there's no you and I
no, now there's no you and I
now there's no you and I
there is only we.

You said, don't tell me that you love me
just stay where you are
so when I'm steeped in my sadness
you won't be too far
to get your fill and consume me
be drunk with my strife
I want to be sad, with you
for the rest of my life.

I said I'm hungry, veracious
I smell it on you
a sadness that heats up
my skin like a flu
a fever that warms me
speeds up my heart
my beautiful dark girl
we'll never be apart.

Say goodbye to yourself
and say hello to we.
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