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Friday, February 23, 2007 8:35:56 AM
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Friday, February 23, 2007 9:00:56 AM
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Lyrics by Declan Murray
Music by Declan Murray and Amith Narayan
Produced by the Unseen Guest
Published by Bug Music
(P) 2007 The Unseen Guest
© 2007 tuition, a division of SCHOTT MUSIC & MEDIA GmbH, Mainz, Germany

I’m sorry if buying
A bottle of wine
And calling you up
Too many times
To bring you here
To sit so near
And talk about our plans

Has given you
The impression that
I’d changed my mind
And wanted you back
Or led you to think
I think of you
At any time at all

You know the language that I speak
Might as well be ancient Greek
When I talk to myself
It’s perfect sense
And I don’t care if you can’t see

So come over here
And let me look in your eyes
Laugh at your jokes
And squeeze your thigh
Sing songs together
With words about love
And all that stuff entails

I’ll tell you things that anyone
With a soul would love to hear
I’ll indicate
That the way it was then
Has changed and shifted gear


And won’t you stay for the night
Like you used to do
Event if it doesn’t mean a thing
I’ll hold your gaze for a little too long
And let you believe

I’ll fail to mention
A single thing
That might make you rope yourself in
And once you’re straining
At the bit, I’ll commit the ultimate sin

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Bare Thread III
... there's a bit of "Ancient Greek" on the thread ...

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