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Walt Hodge, Randy Cheek, Jimmy Davidson, Greg Blanton
1988 Libertines Music, BMI

I keep the letters
Buried in a desk drawer
All of them are answered
I don’t get them anymore
I shouldn’t read them
I shouldn’t keep them there
They need a test of fire
To smoke out the truth

Bad memories burn

I keep the brown shirt
Hung behind other clothes
A closet haunted by
A synthetic ghost
It fits me nicely
It fit’s a certain time
I used to wear it
But it’s not really mine

Bad memories burn

I keep the pictures
In a fire-proof metal box
And nothing can hurt them
Until I say
Such good pictures
Such bad memories
Come out of hiding
Jump into the fire

Bad memories burn x
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Allen, remember that incredible Kawasaki speed-of-sound motorcycle you bought about 10 years ago? This is the song to listen to while riding it. Guitars are as raw as dead meat; a Sixties quality to the vocal works. For fans of garage rock, this is a must (thh). Now if I had just had an MP3 player 10 years ago so I could twist the throttle and crank it up. The moving guitar and bass lines work well together. (awr).

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