Carrie WadeIt's Just Blood
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Monday, April 23, 2007 9:17:17 PM
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Tuesday, June 16, 2020 10:34:39 PM
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It's hard to be close sometimes

Produced by Peter Kearns, Marty Rifkin and Carrie Wade

This is what I’m up to
This is what I’m doing now
Remember how I said I would?

Hope that you like it
And I don’t care if you do

It’s just blood
It’s just blood

If you were someone else
Then I could walk away
Seems like such a really high price to pay but

I remember how you used to be
You’d never
Think to stain
Think to rain
On my sunny day, blood bro

I brought you this in confidence
Surely you could tell what it meant – guess!
I took the blame for my nervousness
You had me convinced that the reason for my fears were past – tense

It’s just blood
It’s just blood
It’s just ooooohhhhhh
It’s just blood
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Nathan's Picks
Ah, this song is back, better than ever. A must listen!

This is my favourite Carrie ... I've listened to "It's Just Blood" several times and each time it talks to me like a story with a very personal message that it wants me to hear .. and to understand .. and you deliver it so beautifully and ever so simply, effortlessly and perfectly with a pulsing and hauntingly repetitive melodic beat that drives the message all the way home .. and that makes it a really great song IMHO. This is really well done Carrie, in every sense of the word .. and I am extremely happy you came along and asked me to have a listen - I would not wanted to have missed the opportuntity of adding "It's Just Blood" to Legendary Music. What a unique and very special flavour and feeling your song adds to my station - thank you Carrie !!

The Big Red One
Groovy baby...

Greatest Clicks
And that's thicker than H2O. Let it flow...

I remember how you used to be-

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