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Lars Lair
"I'm on a wreck and I'm travelin so fast"...examining his life with searing truthful insight, Pete Townshend always did face the mirror with no fear...unapologetic as he subtlety and honestly declares that he is no angel..just a human animal...and a musical animal at that! PT trademark acoustic magic mixes well with rising and falling keyboards.

Human - Animal - Peace
Tenderly sung with bright depth that slips beautifully through the beams cast from a distant sun... You can hear how this song could rise to the challenge of an orchestral engine or take it just as it is, unique and glorious, a musical dream over mountains & flowers where the good earth goes on noisily below and musicians soar aloof, endlessly out of reach to a chaotic world throwing nets to clasp the butterflies, this one seems to have escaped, superb!

!!! Karnival OF Thrills !!!
I found myself whistling the beautiful vocal melody line of this song the first day I heard it...a song about the sad but beautiful experience of the human condition of life... it's loss, loneliness, frailty, independence and the power of memories which get hazy, yet are the fuel of what we all are composed of...and no matter how serious his self examination may seem, Townshend shares his pain with the listener amid the swirl of beautiful music and hopeful humor as he ends the song with a low-key growl.

Sandman's Songbirds
Somehow there is nothing quite like Pete when he lays it all right out on the table in front of us and we quickly realize how similar we all really are. Listen to the acoustic work and the lyrics to this masterpiece and see why he has always been a writer's writer. Rock on Pete!

( ( Cycles Per Second
Nothing King

The Talent Searcher
Pete Townshed is going independent but I guess he always have been . This song was rejected in American Idol and Pop Stars cause it was not politically correct to sing about one decent human being singing about being crazy and an animal. The jury told him that he made no dance moves while strumming the chords and his music sounds like the Who. This is how TV is today......

AOR Overflow
Hey, Pete's back - thanks for putting up a new song

Station Gold
What can i say this guy has done it all and then some. A real thrill to see him on IAC still writing great songs

-a Black Sheep, actually!

my all time favourite from my god of the rock and roll world... Sir Pete Townshend.... at his very best........may he thrill every human being with his wizardry..... an honour to play this track...

Rock Goddess
Raw and touching!!

Pop Goddess
Raw and touching!!

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