Al StravinskySixty-second song
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Monday, May 28, 2007 4:00:33 AM
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Thursday, May 01, 2008 6:57:00 PM
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Davies Ison And Friends...
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It lasts a minute and says all I wanted to say. It's made of bass, piano, metronome, strings, vibes playing 'Westminster chimes', choir, synth and vocals; took me about 360 minutes to go full circle, from first thought to finished mix.

No introduction -
There's no time - and all at once I'm
Near the end of a well intentioned section A:
A minute's all I have today.

Repetition is key,
But repetition's not for me;
Another A frittered away
And I had such things to say...

In the video I'll show
The me between the rhymes -
Magnified a million times
(At the end of the lines).

So you see, I saw
I'd soon cease to be: I never was
The type to write a mighty epic No1.
But look how far I've come:
I've written sixty-one,
And thought I'd write a sixty-second song
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Davies Ison And Friends...
Woh Brilliant! So witty and musically cool n creative too..Makes you realise how much time yer average popstar demands we waste on them-and 99% of them have a 10th the magic contained here..Randy Newman would be proud-and Davies-Ison definitely follow the 'less is more' dictum..

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