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Sunday, June 03, 2007 5:37:03 PM
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Monday, April 07, 2008 11:34:44 PM
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An introspective piece. "Where" here is intended not as a distant, unknown place but as a inner, personal location...and in this occasion, searching for myself, I found this music.

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Absolutely Classical
2007 IAC Golden Kayak Winner

2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Nominees
nominated for Best Classical Song

I'm wrapped in candlelight, the flame flickering and casting shadows all around the room. I'm melancholy for sure. I've felt more than one lump in my throat over the past few hours. My eyes are moist, close to tears. Old Rascal may make it through the night, and he may not. I'm doing all I can to keep him warm and comfortable as I watch him slip slowly away from me. When he looks up at me, his eyes are soft, warm and deep, questioning perhaps what is happening. He is such a trooper, and a fighter the way he has been hanging on for several days now. I painfully try to judge if and when I should make the call to bring this to an end for him. God only knows how much I will miss him. We are not strong when it comes to losing someone or something that we love so much. Tonight I am introspective, my thoughts inner directed, searching for answers. Why, what, when and how ... and where do we go when we go from here. Surely there must be more to all of this than just living and dying. I needed some very special music to comfort my thoughts as I pine away the night vigilantly with Rascal. Here is where Corrado Rossi came to my rescue, no pun intended. Appropriately his song is called "Where". Fittingly, and suiting the night, it is a solo - an absolutely beautiful and engaging piano solo from one very gifted and talented artist. The song plays over and over, a crescendo of sound rising and falling, filling the empty spaces surrounding me, making the night and my time with Rascal seem longer than it might otherwise be, seducing my mind into believing that perhaps it might be endless. And yet, I know better. Still, Corrado does this with such a gentle ease and beauty that I'm almost compelled to believe there may be a reprieve instead of a requiem. Prayer floats through my mind. I have resolved for this night that the 'where' is right here, right now. Thank you so very much Corrado for giving this night and this beauty to us. And welcome to Legendary Music II

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