The MasonsKiss 'n Tell
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007 9:52:55 PM
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Sunday, October 14, 2007 7:39:41 PM
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Catchy, sexy tune and lyrics, crisp guitars; reminiscent of The Killers at times...

Written by Devin Mason, Craig Mason

Kiss and Tell

Yeah girl, I like your smell,
And u move like an animal;
You keep saying “Let’s get outa here–
Get long gone, get it on...”

I wanna do it too,
Wanna make sweet luv to you;
But I’m gonna need convincing–
You got convincing to do...

Do you Kiss and Tell?
Do you Kiss and Tell?

Yeah girl, you’re really naughty,
Pretty face and a killer body;
You keep saying how it’s gonna be,
But that’s not enough for me.

Whisper in my ear
The magic words I like to hear,
So we can make it crystal clear–

Do you Kiss and Tell?
Keep a secret well?
Do you Kiss and Tell?

You know you’re makin’ my ice melt,
And I ain’t hollerin’ for help.
So what I’m a notch on your belt–
As long as you don’t tell;
Do you do it?

Do you Kiss and Tell?
Keep a secret well?

Yeah girl, I like your smell
And u move like an animal;
Why don’t we get on out of here–
Get long gone, get it on...

Song Comments

The Rock
Very professional production. Like the crunchy guitars. Very reminiscent of those 80's throwback rockers like The killers, or Franz Ferdinand. I could here these guys on the radcio easily. Mostly rock stuff. Keep the tunes comin' guys.

The Art of Silence!

The Viagra Files
If they make a James Bond Film called "Kiss and Tell" sign up these boys. CHRIS CHOSE THIS

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