DirgeK Beat Dancin
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A lively funky song produced at F-Jam Online collaboration studios

Reached No 1 in R&B/Soul Genre and No 2 in all genre charts

A song about how Dirge felt drawn to music and how the music helped to take her away from her depressive feelings.

Beat dancin

Dirge K - vocals & lyrics
Kenny Bruce - Bass guitar and music
Paulo Gomes - Keyboards, Wha-Wha Guitar and distortion guitar
Jeffy (Powerpop) Levy - Electric guitar
John Earl Hill - Electric guitar
FJ - drums & producer

Beat Dancin © Dirge K 2003

Watchin’ the beat dancin’
Moving so happily
It’s making a disquisition
As if it’s talking to me.

Watchin’ the beat dancin’
Reversing around my head.
It’s playing at necromancy,
It’s bringing me back from the dead.


Sometimes, I swear I see it
Dancin’ on the edge.

Watchin’ the beat dancin’
It’s got something up its sleeve.
It’s making a provocation
I told it I was on Sabbatical leave!

Watchin’ the beat dancin’
I’ve a feeling it should be interred,
It’s got the gravitational pull of
a porn proprietor.


Watchin’ the beat dancin’
Spearheading it’s own campaign.
It’s causing a sensa...sation
Watch it resonate around my brain...


Song Comments

I wonder what the story was. The world is fortunate to have the œuvre of this outstanding artist.

BjustB - Sounds that move me
so nice and funky - Beat Dancin' --- DirgeK --- Singin a funky tune - Be Dancin' --- Sometimes it's all about Beat Dancin' --- Know what I mean?

this is one steamin' track!

WKDO In Full Effect
Finally some funky jazz on IAC

HunkaFunk Favorites
Rest in peace, and may your beatiful voice ring on.

DK's mum selected this one...

Phlegm Phavorites
YEAH! I temporarily moved this off of the station and into the overPHLOW PHLEGM vibe... but she's just TOO amazing. And this song in particular RULES! urrr... and I'm JEALOUS of the BASS player on this tune. A FUNKY mutha fucka he be!

Boof Woooglies Gnunga-Mgbwuni Chrowl
Not gonna say anything crazy here, too bad about DK, looked like a sweet girl. :(

the top female artist at IAC!! Killer vocals

The Independents Choice
What a great soulful voice.

Phamous Phlegm Phavourites
ALL of these songs by DirgeK, amongst the Indie LEGENDS found here, are worthy... because JUST LIKE Beat Dancin', they ALL made it to NUMERO UNO for their respective Genre's for the YEAR of the INDIE 2009. They also we're REGULARLY in the last 4 years, in the TOP 10 of ALL Genres here on IAC! That's not easy to do, unless you're an artist who CONSISTENTLY delivers at the TOP of your game, like the beautiful spirit DirgeK did.

catchy soulful vibe, dirgek...

Over The Moon Two
I thought it was time to put up another Dirge track - what a great funky number....

funky groove from one of the most engaging singers I have ever heard. unique and cool.note that growl, and soaring vocals too. amazing range from DirgeK great tune. stellar work. outstanding kicking out vibe , so feeling the groove

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Whole Lotta Soul!

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Whole Lotta Soul!

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Whole Lotta Soul!

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