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Sunday, September 16, 2007 4:54:33 AM
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 8:12:08 PM
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Internal Affairs
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Gina French - Vocal and Acoustic

Lyrics for "Cast Off" - From the album, Dreamlight

The sky above is so beautiful
You've never seen it look that way
Sailboat clouds as they form ahead
Let your sailor's heart get lost in them

The here and now is so fleeting
In no way measures to what lies beyond
A million journeys will now begin
I think it's time for you to cast off

The blue in your eyes is so beautiful
Well I've never seen them look that way
You're now the captain and it's full steam ahead
Let your sailor's dreams launch away

The here and now is so fleeting
In no way measures
To what can lie beyond
And a million journeys for you must now begin
For I think it's time for you to cast off

The here and now is so fleeting
In no way measures to what will lie beyond
And a million journeys must now begin
I pray it's time for you to cast off
I think it's time for you to cast off
I know it's time for you to cast off.
Song Comments

Internal Affairs
When beauty is a part of one's inner soul the Internal Affair just naturally shows itself .. such is the case with Gina in "Cast Off" ... beautiful

Now We're REALLY Streamin'
a special song...for a newborn?

Strange how one's feelings often have a deja vu aura about them isn't it. That's what happened to me this chilly dark November night as I found myself being drawn to your page Gina to find this song that I had listened to some time ago. I had spent an hour or so earlier today in a little white country church taking down an old light fixture that my late father had repaired many years ago. The church closed some time ago and its future looks dim to say the least. The elders offered the fixture to me as a token of their appreciation for my father's work repairing it, as well as for many other selfless jobs that he did there over the years. In the emptiness of the sanctuary, I found myself talking to my dad. I hope he was listening wherever he is. I just knew Gina that your song would fill me with so much wonderful love for what I don't have any longer. I feel it in these beautiful and treasured lyrics here that you have written for your own father and in your golden voice sailing out on that endless sea of love for him in your heart - a reflection I'm sure of the sea that he so loved and lived for. I hear it in the gentle loving ringing sounds from your guitar, and I see it in that oh so perfect picture in the player for the song here .. 'Red sky at night, sailor's delight' .. how fitting. I remember my father holding my hand as he was taking his last few breaths here on earth moments before he "Cast Off" on his journey into eternity, and I thank you deeply Gina for this extra special few moments of love filling my heart with your beautiful song. Old Rascal is curled up in front of the fireplace, and the flames from the logs are painting wonderful pictures of memories in my mind. "Cast Off" is truly Legendary Music.

only one Gina-!!!! love the mood of this song!

She is always refreshing to listen to but Gina's Cast Off captures an essence of elegance and beauty in this lovely acoustic version, ah unplugged you are here and now.

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