Alex BachCrucifixion
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Alex Bach's "Crucifixion" is a wounded, powerful depiction of love gone wrong. This is a hit radio single!

 - reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

Song Comments

Bang youR Head
Yowwwwww !!! Crucified !!!

Just Good Music
This Chick has it ! and this is a Hit !!

As I said she can sing, and a kicking band behind her.

IAC Pop Station
Great Hardrock Song

Greatest Clicks
Where's Mel Gibson when you need him?

KarnalEcho Rock
Oh yeah, a little Evanescence eh? Great vocals and was hooked from the first note!!

Alex rocks with the best of 'em!

Global Hits
Very Rockin Song, Like the message.

Goldi Rock
There's a time for solid female vocals and that time is NOW!

Mutz nutz
Big.......... very big

IAC Every Minute
Love your vocals and the beat is excellent.

Huminuh's Harder Side Finds
Hard Rockin Female fronted band...Love it!!

No PLaylist is complete without this song .. I love Alex !

IAIA Song of the Year Nominations
Hard Rock

The Rock
eally like the heaviness and I don't just mean in guitars, bass, and drums, I mean in the lyrics and vocals. Reminds me of a female Chris Cornell. That's a huge compliment, trust me.

Wow, that's the way I like it

Apocalypse Radio
Welcome to the Apocalypse! -M-

Old MP3ers Never Die
Some serious smokin' goin' on here... with stacked virtual Marshall's

ClantonGang productions
sort of evanescence

KILLER TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SMASH says: I Love it. A Top rated 5 star performance. One of the best songs out there anywhere! Alex has given us something special here. This song has some major bullocks happening,it kicks you in the head guts and nuts and that should put the Hard rocking World on notice that there is a Hard Rocking women who is on top of her game here and can kick it out better then anyone, bar none. I dont think Avril has this much edge Alex Bach delivers a powerful performance on Crucifixion and the message is intense and ripping She has a terrific energy which is nonstop The Musicianship and Instrumentation which supports the whole of the parts is breath-taking. Tight and Right Crucifixion is brilliant and Alex is the Real Deal. SMASH out

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 9

eYe 2
rocking ripping tune , its a happening vibe here indeed. what a trip

one of blindman zero's all time favs, Alex bach lays down a tripping killer vibe

one of the greatest rocking tunes on IMPNATION., just too happening good, slobber knocker shocker talker,.balls out rocker by Alex Bach, it just is , that good.

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