Eat ThisWhat
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Monday, October 08, 2007 9:50:08 AM
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Monday, October 08, 2007 10:10:23 AM
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The Farm
Dummass Music
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Dummass Music
This tune deserves some dummass respect. As do alla this guy's songs. Great vocals.

IAC Songchain..
"Eat THis...What...Jesus,i can't explain how ace this track is.Pure beauty, energy n inspiration..This really is what this threads about to me-Discovring gems like this-Thanks Dan,...How ace it is to hear some pure rock'n' roll magic like this...Did i really win?????At the moment i feeel disgracefully humbled as if i'm honest this is about 1000% better than anything i've ever done,but i'm grateful i don't feel jealous like i would've done a few years ago-just grateful to receive its joyful magic...Even the cut off... OK,i'm pissed but is this really 'easy listening'? God i must be the biggest easy listening fan in the world then..Listen and love this wonderful joyful pop record my friends..or else admit you have no blood in your veins"...............STEVE ISON

The Farm
How ace it is to hear some pure rock'n' roll magic like this...70s style atmospheric pure rock 'n' roll joy...Inspired and inspirational..I fall at your feet and worship your musical majesty my friends and wish the world would have more atmospheric beauty like this..

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