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Sandman's Songbirds
Juliette is the female version of Bon Scott and will rock your socks off here as well as on the silver screen, where her talent explodes out of the screen to conduct a total assault on your senses. Such is also the case with her distinctive high energy music. Rock on always Juliette and the Licks!

Some brash Rock from the intelligent artist who goes after and attains what she wants: a primal urge on this one-a no holds barred declaration for a Hot Kiss...not sure what it's like to be 'spinnin like a water toy'...but you can bet that Juliette does!

FM tunes for the FM
OK this one MAY be on the FM but only on maybe 1 station! PLAY MORE OF THIS KINDA SHIT PLEASE!

ummm yes. Hot very Hot!

When Rock Talks

REAL HARD Alternative
AWESOME! She's got that 70's vibe with a HARD Alternative edge - with some BLUES too ....

kick ass slam dance! good shit in this song!

Phamous Phlegm Phavourites
Well, yeah she's Phamous She's been in movies, and her MUSIC totally fuckin' ROCKS Takin' America & The WORLD, by storm in the coming years, I'd reckon.

Bring It Back!! (164 Radio)
This song really kicks some ass. Honestly, we were just gonna add a song up to help support Aimee Terrin's Promo Campaign for Juliette and the Licks because it helps us all out in the end here. After listening to this song we were amazed. We have no problem supporting this song for Juliette. We know it's not quite hip hop, but it really makes you move! Proud to support!!

Goldi Rock Records.com
There are some songs that grip you by the hair and pull - You're listening to it right this minute! Check out JULIETTE and the LICKS!

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