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Sunday, October 21, 2007 12:06:10 AM
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Monday, December 03, 2007 7:29:32 PM
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The Farm
We Are Who They Said We Were
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Everybody has unfulfilled dreams...

Nigel: good vocals
Terry: goofy vocals, songwriter, everything else


C (+D) F (+D)
Verse 1: Wanna be a fireman, I could rescue fuzzy pets
C (+D) F (+D)
Wanna be a pilot, I could fly around in jets
Gm (+E) Bm (+E)
Wanna be a cowboy, shooting bad guys in the west
G (+E) E (+D) A
Wanna be a pirate stashing treasure in a chest
D F#7 B7 G
Never try to fit your lyrics to a set of chords
D F#7 Bm Bb
Information’s more than just another set of words
D F#7 B7 G
(If) Life is nothing more to you than a style you can afford
D A C#dim Bm G Gm D C#7
You’ll be disappointed by the treasure you’ve ignored
D Bm
You’re making it real, you’re making it real
D Bm A A7
You’re finally happy with the way you think and feel
D Bm
You’re really OK, you’re really OK
D Bm A A7
You’re looking like someone that you copied yesterday

Verse 2: Wanna be an astronaut so I can float in space
Wanna be an actor, I could have a handsome face
Wanna be a scientist – discover something new
Wanna be a trapper I could ride in a canoe
Never try to fit yourself into a set of dreams
Circumstances change and life is never what it seems
Someone must have said to you when you were still a child:
“You can have it all if you just stick with it a while.”
You’re finally cool, you’re finally cool
You’re finally everything you wanted to be in high school You’re really in touch, you’re really in touch
You’re finally what we always used to call “too much”.

Cma7 / A7#5b9 / Dm / G7 // Cma7 / A7#5b9 / Dm / G7 G7#5b9 //
Dm / G7 / E7 / Ami7 // Dm / Bb7 / E11 E7b5 / A7 //
He spent the winter overhauling a motorcycle. I'll never forget the day he fired it up in his parents' basement. No muffler, no pipes -- just the sound of that Harley-Davidson engine. Let me tell you, that racket was really impressive. We came out of the Rockton Hotel once and the O'Brien Street bridge was being repaired. So we jumped on the Harley and crossed the Atikokan River on the foot-bridge behind the library. That was cool. I remember thinking: "I've got to get one of these."

Verse 3: Wanna be a driver, I would win the biggest race
Wanna be a fighter, I would punch you in the face
Wanna be an athlete, I would win most every game
Wanna be a pop star, I would really love the fame
Always try to fit your music to a different chord
Inspiration’s more than just relief from being bored
(If) Life is nothing more to you than the glory you can hoard
You’ll be disappointed by the treasure you’ve ignored
You’re finally free, you’re finally free
You finally look like someone I once saw on TV
We’re watching you now, we’re watching you now
Every one of us wishing we could just be you somehow.

Outro: C(+D) / F(+D) // C(+D) / F(+D) // Gm(+E) / Bm(+E) // G(+E) / E(+D) // A (+B+C+C#) / D //

Song Comments

Bob Dylan Tribute
this is Bob Territory-

"Finally Cool" is not only Cool... but it's very cool ... and not only very cool ... but really, really very cool ... and not only really, really very cool ... but "Finally Cool" is just Way TOO COOL !!!

The Demonstration Station
Lo-fi is the name of the game here. And this is lo-fi. But it is also a good, clever tune with a lovely melody. I smiled, I bopped my head, I added the song.

Irony will help get the wrinkles out of this station!

The Farm
Pretty bizarre but definitely creatively ambitious strange lofi song with lots of different musical parts,a sense of drama and a very individual world view..

Psonic Ptonic Review
Where do I start? Lyrics both witty and heartfelt, cool understated groove, wierd/cool Jack Nitzschish touches in the production and very tasty playing (I really dig your guitarwork man). Add in an overall epic quality and you've got one impressive tune.

News Flash: "James Taylor: 'I never did feel like I was the cool one'"...I know what he means - James is so aggressively uncool, he's cool. Lately he's been looking like a Boston Banker taking the stage. Somehow...that's cool. Of course the coolest thing is just being true to yourself. Link:

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