Frank BlackMonkey gone to Heaven
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Monkey see...monkey do

The Good Stuff
A classic.

Blue City
the true OG...

Radio FTM
Love the Pixies & Frank Black Still ROXXX!!!!

Rock Monkey's
Gotta love

Very different - how strange

twangy acoustic/ with electronic visions... another version of an old skool fave...

Boof-Poogly's Wagga Wagga Glogh-Wombly
gningnng, blophploog

zing! flip! squash!--WATERPLANET radio
WOW! One of my old faves, and now you can understand ALL the lyrics. It's nice to see the original artist making the money off the muzak version. Lovely!

a very cool version of a song i've loved since i first bought the Pixies' "Doolittle" back in holy shit i can't think back that far. i was in highschool, i know that much. things are immemorably blurry and wonderful, and this song, as well as the whole album, constitute helping a despondent kid get through everything that sucked. pixies, cure, smiths, cocteau twins, skinny puppy, , wow.. times were sad. . but unlike all other bands stated,,, the pixies cheered me up.. always, , , and helped make me the happy guy i am today!!! huzzah! and this is a super-great version of a fantastic song! thanks black francis, you kooky clown you!

Station Gold
First ever pixies song i heard was Monkey and it was just so refreshing.

Phamous Phlegm Phavourites
Frank Black & The Pixies (Kim Deal as WELL!) Are my idols! This HAS to be on PHAMOUS PHLEGM PHAVOURITES

Boof Woooglies Gnunga-Mgbwuni Chrowl
Monkey gone to mouth of Chula-Riit, but they saved the pelt for the Kzinti Hunting Park.

Contrary to popular belief, Frank Black, or rather Black Francis, did not actually exist prior to the Pixies. However, a man often confused for him did: Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV. Charles was “born alive” April 6, 1965 (despite his desire to have been conceived a decade earlier) in Boston (though some sources suggest Long Beach). Several years later, his family moved to Boston and the world of music would never be the same.

I Like Strange. ~M~
...YES!!! ...perfect for this station! -M-

Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing
...and YES!!! ...perfect for this station too! -M-

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