the RivergodsBuddha On the Road
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nominated again for Best Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana Song 2008

from "Time Has Come", released 2002, a beautiful, haunting poem set to song

the lineup for Time Has Come includes Ben Parent (guit), Nancy Brossard-Parent (voc, ped. steel), Sandy "Sandman" Allen (mando), Mike Palazzolo (bass), IAC artist Jim Carpenter (guit), Amanda Just (viola), and Tom Trombley (drums) on loan from the Reducers

Song Comments

-beautiful vocals and textured guitars, fiddle wow!

SOUL RETRIEVAL 2 for new soulful songs
Great song and production. Nice vocals too!

Bokum Twilight
I'd add these folks anyway, cause they make beautiful music, but that they're local makes it even better. Heck, if they cranked it up a little, I'd be able to hear them echoing UP the valley. Pretty tune, as is the singing and playing.

Music with meaning
Beautifully meaningful

Lonesome Radio
lovely vocals nice country sound

The Peoples Choice!
"also The Rivergods 'Buddha on the Road!......Chosen by DIRGE K's mum

2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Nominees
nominated for Best Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana Song

Music to Make Your Day
I just love this tune ! Hats off to the Rivergods !

Restless Hearts
sensual, fullsome song, golden kayak, congrats...

The past week or three has taken me to both ends of the mood spectrum - from unexpected dizzying heights of exuberance, excitement, joy and honor beyond my wildest dreams, to the depths of what followed shortly after which was unrelated to the former and that still feels like a bottomless pit in a whirlpool of emptiness in my heart with one very special part of my life spinning out of control. A mentor once labeled such occurrences 'Variables of Life'. He had a hand-drawn diagram illustrating how they affect our life, and what our choices are in coping and managing them so not to become either engulfed in false pride or a victim of circumstances. Easier said than done, particularly the latter. Thank my lucky stars for music again, especially to combat those dreaded dark and lonely thoughts that lurk within us. I was introduced to The Rivergods when the lights came on at the recent round of GK nominations, and then again at the Awards Ceremony. It was love at first light! What a picture "Buddha On The Road" paints. The story could not be told more beautiful than how the "gods" tell it. This is superlative work - the music, the vocals, the arrangement and production, and the poetic words that became lyrics. You're talking to an old cowboy here so pardon the references, but this is an easy ride in the saddle song, tranquil, reflecting the life of a drifter, a loner ... even has that determined steady gait sound of horse with rider. I've had a few of those rides. The ones I loved the most were at sunrises and sunsets, those beautiful quiet times when one can best contemplate life lulled by the rocking motion of the saddle. It's happening here tonight listening to this great song ... a poignant poem set to such rich and textured acoustic sounds and sung with one of the most beautiful and haunting voices to grace and fill my thoughts for some time. I'm content once again, and Legendary Music II is honored with the presence of The Rivergods.

Got Music?
OK. So we missed this one. 2007 didn't exactly give us a lot of spare time to go through the IAC catalog. But for those precious few who haven't heard the Golden Kayak winning song, here you go. It's everything you can wish for in good roots song (thh).

ethereal and a muse.......i always get lost in the whirl of melodies........

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