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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Produced by Stefan Joseph Bohrer, recorded in 2000 at Skysounds Studio, London, NW10.

Eugene Makovoz: keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocal.

Stefan Joseph Bohrer: guitars, bass.

Audley Genus: background vocal.

Sara Hughes: drums.

By Eugene Makovoz and Stefan Joseph Bohrer

The song was written in spring 1999 in London. That time Makovoz resided on Mill Row, which is very close to the Regent’s Canal in Hackney. He used to take long walks along the canal up to the Regent’s Park almost every night in a vain attempt to return the times he spent there. Perhaps the canal reminded him of the Moscow River in Strogino Park, a very romantic place, popular among the young couples. It took an hour and a half to compose the main tune, chords, and initial lyrics, which however differ from the final ones.

At first the song sounded really mellow and was supposed to become vocal-and-acoustic guitar piece, which it did: a week later he recorded a simple acoustic version in Airwave Studio, NW6.Next year it was decided to re-do the title. Steff (Stefan Joseph Bohrer) suggested recording in a faster upbeat manner. Background vocals and keyboards were added. Steff spontaneously came up with powerful guitar solo. He also helped to improve lyrics. While Sara and Audley did their job in a couple of takes, Eugene struggled with his keyboards for an hour or two to achieve such a rolling sound.

Sitting again, by the river again.
You’ll never guess, you’re going to be my girl
But this is the way the river is flowing tonight.

Sitting again, it is summer again
I’ve never felt that the days were so sunny
But I will feel it the moment I’m holding you tight.

Nobody told you I’d love you tonight
Let’s keep it secret from everyone I know
Nobody told you but you’ll see it’s going to be right, tonight.

Song Comments

The Rasberries are reincarnated through the lovely stylings of Eugene Makovoz! Simple yet sophisticated 70's style pop music. Eric Carmen would be proud. BTW, you HAVE to check out Eugene's SUPER COOL mod jacket on his IAC page.

Sunshine Smile..
This is such a wonderful early 70s pure pop rush,like a great lost classic from Badfinger or Todd Rundgren..Beautiful chord changes(specially the verse") and a sense of unselfconcious joy that sadly dosn't seem to be expressed much in music these days..Great track

Radio Free Europe
Moscow RUSSIA....Eugene is obviously totally in love with The Beatles and early 70s sunshine pop..You'll Never Guess is totally infectios,joyful and life-affirming and a top 10 hit in the alternative universe where i exist..

The Good Stuff Trois!!!
Perfect sunshine pop another gem suggested by Steve Ison. But when the songs are this good, I really can't complain.

A Song A Day
22nd Sept 2008...........Classic early 70s ultra-breezy pop with that wonderful summery Todd Rundgren/Raspberries feel with a great Big Star solo..The melody is lovely n joyful and even the way he sings 'Reever' adds to its charm..Its singalong good-time 70s FM california sunshine done from a bedroom in Moscow! (Well actually it was recorded in London-but i prefer the idea of that)...................."You were right, Steve! Love it. And I love even more that the guy's name is Eugene Makovoz; I feel a kinship with him for some reason! ;-) Lovely tune" (HOP ON POP)

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