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Sunday, December 30, 2007 9:21:20 PM
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Thursday, January 17, 2008 4:32:16 PM
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Dear Diary...
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Happy New Year!!!!!!

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Here it comes the end of the year
Me and you we sure like it here
We done it rough n' we done it good
We done everything we goddamed should

Paid all the bills n' put out the trash
Made a little livin' ain't givin' it back
Took ourselves up n' took ourselves down
Wore out the Sheriff on this side a' town

Break out the barrel n' bust it loose
Someone gotta light this fuse
Shake off the dust n' kick up your heels
Rock this house it's a cool new deal

C'mon n' roll with the beer
Get yourself on the floor it's a brand New Year
C'mon rock to believe
Give it everything you got it's a New Year's Eve

Song Comments

Compassion For ALL Creatures
A Real Kick-Ass Rocker from M & P, HAPPY NEW YEAR, BACK AT YA:)

Dear Diary...
Dear Diary ... It's New Year's Eve ... and there's a PARTY goin' on ... I may have to miss an entry day tommorrow ! ... see you on the second ... :)

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