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Monday, January 07, 2008 4:52:01 PM
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Sunday, March 15, 2009 7:19:05 PM
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Ever felt like you didn't know how you suddenly got to the place in life that you're at and all you wanted to do was find the nearest EXIT? This song is about running away from all of it and the yearning to become what you know you can be.

Written and arranged by Amanda Jane
Co-produced by Amanda Jane and Steve Capp

The Runaway

Lately I’ve been thinkin
bout how I did you wrong
I’m askin for forgiveness
but sorry's not enough
Lyin here alone
it all seems clear to me
No matter how I try
things will never
be how they used to be

So I'm walkin all alone
down a vacant road
askin for directions
to a place unknown

Chorus I'm lookin for a place
along this street called The Runaway
I hear it's a place where the lost souls go
when they need to pray
and maybe if I told you my sins
you could wash em all away
and leave me at the fountain of truth
for all eternity

I tried to take it back to that
familiar place in time
Thinkin maybe if you took the time
to know me we'd be fine
But every time you tried to save me
you couldn’t keep me clean
But I've been sober for two years now
and I still don’t know what it means

Look into my eyes
They're as clear as the rolling sky
where I was born to fly
higher than this place
Song Comments

recalls "heartbreak hotel," "hotel california" but remains original and heartfelt. on my 3rd listen, found on ray porter's new songs station...

Restless Hearts
a creative endeavor, the heart-tugging chorus rocks...

-walking all alone

Wild Horses
recalls "heartbreak hotel," "hotel california" but remains original and heartfelt...

Future Ones
Strong voice good driving rhythm a classic guitar solo. A hit for sure.

strong vocal, rockin' band...

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