Bob ElliottAs the Water Started to Rise
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Saturday, January 26, 2008 10:30:50 PM
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Saturday, November 01, 2008 7:37:04 PM
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Written as New Orleans began to drown and we sunk deeper into the Iraq war.

Bob: acoustics, djembe

As the Water Started to Rise

We’re riding on a ship, does anybody know where the captain’s at?
He slipped to the upper deck and that’s where he sat
As the water started to rise
He had the shade up over his eyes
And any way the wind blows
It’s all gonna be alright

Well, the first mate of the crew said,
“Nothing I can do. I been told to only let the good news through
and anyways my training didn’t cover raining
still I’ll make a profit ‘fore this thing is through
see all this water starting to rise?
No telling what the public might buy
‘cause any way the wind blows
you know I’m gonna sleep tight”

So the crew and I went looting
But everything’s wet, and so I didn’t really see the point
With everyone just boozing
And you can bet that pretty soon we’re gonna spark this joint
Oh, pass that thing right down the line
And here’s another song we sing for the times
‘cause as the water’s starting to rise
we put the dark shades on our eyes
every the wind blows
you know we’re gonna make out right

Now I thought I saw the bodies starting to appear
Captain says, “Let me take your eyes from here
I’ll put them in my pocket under my control
You and I won’t ever have to see inside our souls
And why would we need to anyway?
Hey, why would you need to anyway?”
And as his water’s starting to rise
He’s shooting dice with both of my eyes
So tell me where’s the wind blow
I really wanna be alright

We’re drifting through the dark town
Does anybody know where I can get a drink?
It’s ten feet down, still you know I really need a place to think
I gotta figure out who else is at fault
And you can tell the banker open wide all the vaults
‘casue if this water’s going to rise
we’re gonna pay one hell of a price
and every way the wind blows
we’re always gonna have a fight

The leader of the dream land’s
Back to steal the scene and
He shouts,”I know what this journey means, and
Come and get your reasons all you voiceless throats
Gather ‘round my smoke, but don’t flip the boat”
But as the water’s starting to rise
We’re all leaning out on his side
Oh, whatever way this wind blows I think
We’re gonna capsize

Copyright 2006 Bob Elliott

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The Good Stuff, Too!!!
This might be my favorite tune of Bob's. Strong imagery evokes the depression of a hopeless situation. And yet the beautiful melody stays with you. Haunts you. Just another great tune from Bob. My, how I hate him!!!

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