GREAT CENTRALGod, please let's end this this way
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Sunday, January 27, 2008 4:36:30 PM
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Friday, June 15, 2018 3:32:48 PM
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The Lounge..
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big spectoresque drums, piano, acoustic guitar, organ, oboes, double tracked vox and nice harmonies

Written, arranged, produced and performed by Great Central

Song Comments

The Lounge..
More very cool late 60s influenced soft psych pop from Gavin Wright with wonderful insistent strange-pop hook filled with lush kaleidoscopic harmonies..Good looking girls with ugly mothers are the inspiration for sweet airy sunshine sad pop f'sure..

30.1.08...Well i've had this great late 60s sunny psych-lounge pop gem in my head all day... I just love the line 'Good looking girls with ugly mothers' and don't really know why 'except i was thinking its really poetic- and in its own quirky little way quite daring to put in a pop song....Its the sort of bizarre line you'd come up with at the same time as writing the melody out of nowhere.I love the fact that the verse is so short and just leaps out over the waterfall into that delightfully sparkling dreamy chorus..Wonderful chord changes and fabulous kalaidescopic harmonies too,it just makes me feel good-and so little modern music does,unfortunately..

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