SOHNNI have a DREAM feat. M. L. King Jr. & Styvo
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Monday, February 04, 2008 2:21:48 AM
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Monday, May 10, 2010 3:49:25 AM
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Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, a dream we all have always had, for all of us to live together, with love and respect .....


Mu mu mu mu muambie (Tell him/ her)
Mu mu mu mu musaidie (Let us help us)
Mu mu mu mu muambie (Tell him/ her)
Mu mu mu mu musaidie (Let us help us)

Styvo verse:
If I could tell the world, about my pain on earth
If I could tell of the hate, and the strifes, yea
What about the leaders and pain they faced
Malcolm, Luther, in the race to justice
A search for peace in a land of war
A thirst for freedom liberation for all
I have a dream for peace, all the people hear this
White and black holding hands together in peace
Ain’t no war in the land, everybody ain’t afaid
Holy God hear us hear we are
We holding up our hands praying all day
let no man fall, let no man cry, let no man die, NO
Cuz we need our brothers and we need our sisters
Mothers and fathers and our children together
Now throw your hands in the air if you feel the music
Rhyme with us, rhyme with us, yeah


Mu mu mu mu muambie (Tell him/ her)
Mu mu mu mu musaidie (Let us help us)
Mu mu mu mu muambie (Tell him/ her)
Mu mu mu mu musaidie (Let us help us)

M. L. King speech……….

Sohnn verse:

I been living a life of an invisible man
Since I came to this land dreams is all I have
I see hate and pain all around this place
And I feel displaced but I can’t explain
And I’m trying to see but there is nothing in sight
And I’m trying to live but I’m living to fight
Yes I’m trying to give but I’ve nothing to give
Why am I trying to live if I’m living to die
I hold on to my dreams my eyes on the prize
Like Martin Luther King I’m ready to die
But I keep on running to the end of the race
Yes I see the day when all this pain will end
When my sons and daughters will finally see
The American dream in the justice system
When my little sister will shed no tears
With a loud voice to my country I sing
I have a dream one day every valley will rise
All the nationalities will live together
All the Muslim brothers and the Jewish brothers
All the sons of God will live together
I have a dream one day all the ethnic tension
That has extended to my country Kenya
Will come to and end God bless Kenya
God bless America, God bless your people

Song Comments

SOHNN is committed to encouraging people to be themselves, mind they own business, respect others, and have a purpose in life. His most inspirational saying is… “if you have to win a revolution, you gat to win with blood, if you win any other way, y’all gonna fight again

from the famous speech

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