LoquatSwingset Chain
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reached Top 5 on KIAC Big 50  

Song Comments

Fantastic! enough said. Well almost. This is one of my newest favorite songs.

Lovely melodies from this band. Airy female vocals to die for.

IAIA Song of the Year Nominations
Alternative Pop Rock

Play Out Loud!
beautiful music!!

The Monkey68 One Song Station
Man, I really like the combination of piano and guitar arpeggios in the chorus here. If this doesn't put you at ease nothing will.

Scenes From Palacio
Very sweet-vibed gossamer-fragile indie song with lovely vocals.Indie with a gentle jazzy vibe..Thanks To F.T for pointing this out..

Guitar & Pen
Very catchy, lovely lyrics, lovely arrangement.

The Metro Underground
Loquat is a low-key, acoustic, pop wonder. The Sundays meet Cheryl Crow.

personal favorites
simply my favorite indie song ever because it fills me with emotions.

Maestros of Pop and Rock
only my favorite indie song EVER.

the greatest indies I've ever heard
and what's a station like this with yet another inclusion of my favorite indie song ever. The monkey bars that you fell from. I spent my time falling down the stairs. A couple bars where we're not allowed. I'm freakin' out that we're runnin' out of time..

Eve's Special Reserve
this song makes me sad and happy and sad.

Music Monsters
Another Eve recommendation and it reached Top 5 in KIAC Big 50. This would be perfect with which to drift into reverie on a quiet and rainy late afternoon. Plus, I am really digging Kylee's voice and the instrumentation that accompanies her. I need to consider "Time Bomb" for my next station add session. Will their be more of your works here at IMP as well?

Wish there was something real
then comes a day when you leave town.

1-1-2019 My Favorite Ever Songs on IMP
have proclaimed this one my very favorite, for years..

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