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Tuesday, March 11, 2008 4:49:56 PM
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Thursday, June 19, 2008 3:59:40 AM
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Music and Lyrics by Scott Bennett
Lead Vocals and Background Vocals by Taylor Mills
Guitars and Bass by Scott Bennett
Drums and Percussion by Todd Sucherman
(Fur Vest Music, BMI/Ted and Moose Music, BMI)
Produced by Todd Sucherman and Scott Bennett


There's a hazy moon in an October sky
I'm hanging out, hanging out to dry
Got an old grey sweater wrapped around my knees
Dragging my camel, flicking ashes in the breeze
I should get my ass in gear and get the hell out of here

The only thing I need is everything

Quit my seventh job, I just hang around cafes
Killing the hours, reliving the days
When everything was easy and fell into it's place
Now I'm a royal flush waiting on an ace
Should have made this one my year but I let myself down

The only thing I need is everything
The only thing I need is anything

Wish I could get, out of my head
Out of my skin

The only thing I need is everything
The only thing I need is anything
The only thing I need

Is anything
Anything... x
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It's the only thing I need...hello again Taylor and welcome. :)

Mills has spent the better part of ten years in Brian Wilson's band, called by Sir Paul McCartney as "The best touring band in the world. Period." She now returns with the same team that produced "Lullagoodbye" which critics called "a stunning and thrilling pleasure" and "superior sunshine pop/rock." As Mills explains, "Working with Scott Bennett (band mate in Brian Wilson's band, co producer) and Todd Sucherman (Mills' husband, co producer and drummer for the platinum selling STYX) is such a creative joy. It just feels like everything is in the right place and it makes the process of making music exciting and rewarding. Hopefully that spirit is passed along to the listener."

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This one has everything you could ever want...and more?

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Fantastic music and Im not joking


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