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Tuesday, March 11, 2008 6:27:18 PM
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008 6:30:22 PM
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What the Folk!


Music and Lyrics by Nicholas Markos and Marcos Sueiros
Lead Vocals by Taylor Mills
Guitars and Bass by Scott Bennett
Drums, Percussion, Loop, Background Vocals by Todd Sucherman
(Nicholas Markos Music, ASCAP/Bubinga Freak Music, ASCAP)
Produced by Todd Sucherman and Scott Bennett
From the CD - Lullagoodbye

Hello Sun

Looking through old photographs
At folks who aren't here no more
And friends, I don't even know

I notice we don't smile
The way we did back then
Something in our eyes has changed

Yeah, I know
I know I'm not the same
Yeah, I know
Now I'm wide awake

Been to one too many funerals
To take it all so serious
Hey, it's only life

And if I could just find myself a little peace of mind
Then everything, everything would be all right

Yeah, I know
I know we're not the same
Yeah, I know
I know it's late to change


Hello Moon
Hello Sun
I'm back among the living

Hello Earth
Hello Sky
I'm back to be forgiven, once again

We're burying our feelings in the ground
And in the leather-bound scrapbooks
Inside our hearts

And if we don't start living soon, then I don't know
Then I don't know... I don't know when we'll ever start

Yeah, I know
I know it's not the same
Yeah, I know
I know it's late to change


Song Comments

Romantic with a touch of melancholy-

What the Folk!
This one of Taylors songs that is more on the roots side and deserving a place on what the folk cause it is just that good....and in expanding upon the value of this song and its merits, I have to say Taylor's singing reaches deep into my being and touches the very depths of my soul. What a voice and what a superb song. Thank you for this very beautiful and elegant rich musical tapestry Taylor.

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