The CODEFloat me Away!
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I wanna be....

Float me Away

Float me away, high in the sky
I want to fly, fly so high
Just as the clouds, floating by
Makes me smile, riding so high
Float me away, high in the sky
Learn to fly, fly so high
Float me away, out on the sea
I wanna be free, I wanna be me

Float me away now...whoa..
Float me away now...float me away

Look at the sky, one day it’s blue
Next day it’s black, what you think about that
Look at the rain, coming down,
Falling all around, on everybody’s town


Float me away now...whoa..
Float me away now...float me away

© Colin McHugh 2007 x
Song Comments

"Float Me Away" is Way TOO COOL !!! ... We Be Floooooatin' Now !!!

Gyroscope Alternative
Hey this is nice!

Sam will always deliver !!!

Now We're REALLY Streamin'
very cool liberating chorus, the band rocks...

REAL HARD Alternative
They decided to put this under Alternative genre but THE CODE is definitely REAL HARD Alternative good ole Eclectic BLUES & ROCK & ROLL! This song RULES & the chorus is damn catchy!

the anthem here today!

these guys manned the pumps

Birthday Party
The CODE is really rockin' these days...come on in, Fellers, you can play the party, but the birthday boy likes to throw in some impromptu lead guitar on occasion...

The Good Stuff Trois!!!
A rejected offering for "The Scream" becomes a part of "The Good Stuff" family because it is just too damn good a song to ignore. Great tune!

Hugo's Thank You Station
THE CODE is definitely onto something...everytime they post a tune I'm pleasantly surprised it seems to sound better and rock harder than the previous ones, which already sound great and rock hard...

Gyroscope Alternative

A River Runs Through It
Sometimes the river is going to float you away. Nice tune by the Code!!

Had to add this one to PHIFTY PHLEGM PHAVORITES too!!! The CODE ROCKS -and THIS one will have you floatin' away with 'em.

Good rock n' roll head bopper.

Totally Amazing Songs
I was sitting listening to another station today when this tune came on. It was impossible to keep sitting at my desk. First my head started bopping, then my feet started thing I knew I was dancing around my office. This tune absolutely ROCKS!!

The Independence Party
This is a very strong song performed by a very strong band. This song could be from 1968 or 1978 but to good for the 80's, 90's but gives a breath of fresh air to today. This is positive and sounds great at our party and is a great song to start the night off.

Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
This song fuckin' RULES, and should have WON The Phreakin' Indie CONTEST, in a few categories !! GODDAMMIT !! give it a listen, it'll float you right away, mate. -pHreakin' pHLeGm

Affinity ties
This band rock !

Over The Moon Two
Great rocking track - like this one guys!

Over The Moon
Loving this track - Float Me Away..........

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