Iron and WineNaked As We Came
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana HyperLink


reached Top 5 on KIAC Big 50  

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INDIEcent Exposure
Another great Iron and Wine tune. This is so simple, but still something you'll fall for instantly. Beautiful acoustic and an oh so smooth vocal. Like rich white chocolate.

Byronic Musings
I'm just going to let this artist speak for himself. I want this on vinyl !!!

Dancing with the Dakinis
Drake and Art Garfunkle are summoned. Soo tender. Chill.

Lizards and Leprechauns
Iron and wine is untouchable

Troubadour Radio
Really shouldn't have two tracks by the same artist here but this man is a special songwriter...see the video to this song on Iron and Wine's myspace page.

IAC Folk Scene Presented by JP Sharpe
Simply beautiful!!

Aside from the immediacy and intimacy of his recorded work, there is one thing (aside from the evidently ceaselessly noteworthy fact that he sports a beard...) clear about Iron & Wine's Sam Beam: he is wonderfully prolific. In just short of 2 1/2 years he has released 2 albums (2002's The Creek Drank the Cradle and 2004's Our Endless Numbered Days) and (with this and 2003's The Sea and the Rhythm) two EPs. Recorded in August 2004 with Brian Deck at his Engine Studios, Iron & Wine's latest release is striking both for its broadened palette (percussion, piano, violin, electric guitar) and its thematic focus on female characters both archetypal and personal.

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