Jarryd FillmoreThe Little Things
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Saturday, April 26, 2008 7:37:43 PM
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Saturday, April 26, 2008 7:40:08 PM
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This song is me trying to tell guys that girls only really care about the little things you do for them. So here ya go fellas, listen in.

Jarryd Fillmore

Open up,
Let me see into those, hazel eyes,
Maybe there is something interesting inside..

Close ‘em shut,
You’re just like every other girl I’ve come across,
Got nothing but your beauty to offer me.

Oh I try,
I ask myself the question why,
Why is there not a price to pay, when people throw their love away
So casually
this will always remain…a mystery to me

Ready or not,
You’ve been the victim of ,what we call ‘misguided love’,
Nowhere to run, no where to hide.

Now you’re caught,
You’re caught between the feelings of misery and agony
It’s nothin’ fun, it never is.

And now you cry,
You ask yourself the question why,
Why can’t he just the pay the price, I gave him love , I gave him my life
What did I do wrong? Well listen here, listen to this song, yeah.


It’s not about the diamond rings,
It doesn’t matter if you pick a.. guitar up and start to sing,
It’s all about the little things, you do for her,
you do for her..

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