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Sunday, September 11, 2005 1:50:06 AM
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 8:15:10 PM
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Gina French - Acoustic guitar, Vocals. Bill Frost - Lead guitar. Lance Lee - Bass guitar. Adam Sorensen - Drums.
Produced, Mixed, and Recorded by Tom Cram of Friction Studios.


Spilling over with emotion, you're wearing your heart out on your sleeve
Under the foolish notion, that everybody is this way

Always learning the hard way
You'll be learning the hard way, hard way

Falling into the same old pattern, of being generous to a fault
When will you come to the realization, it's hard to change these ways as such?

Always learning the hard way, you'll be learning the hard, hard way

Jumping in for a solo spin, holding out on a single doubt, spinning your wheels on a worn - out edge, playing with fire from your foolish whims

Always learning the hard way, you'll be learning the hard way, hard, hard way, always learning the hard way, hey.
Song Comments

Dirt Road Home
A beautiful way...

Friends- Pals- and Hot Chicks
Love it!

Excellent song here, Gina... reminds me of the great tunes by Carol King and Linda Ronstat.

This makes me smile - because I can really identify with the theme and the message. I think a lot of us do. So it's a sad smile of recognition - of Gina's wonderful observation and perception. And I like Gina.

a true blue perfomer, with compassion-

We Sang In The Summer
welcome back, gina...

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