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Wednesday, August 06, 2008 6:49:38 PM
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Thursday, August 07, 2008 11:19:35 AM
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Bare Thread Does The Blues
Blues picked by Little Red King
The Good Stuff: VI
Desperado Tornado Blues


This is a swampy heavy trance blues piece with alot of sliding and alot of jamming.

Music and Lyrics By Dan Rushton

I got a girl
Lord Knows, I love her so
From her head down to her sweet toe
Shewith me all day and every night
Lord I love to see her at first light

She works hard
Lord she gotta good job
Not like some other damned lazy ol' hog
You know she love me like solid gold
I'm gonna hold her until we is old

I work all day
Bring home my money too
I never think but to give it all to you
I rattle them keys I know she's in there
Lookin oh so fine up to her sweet hair

When we home you know we're oh so close
Cooking supper or with a runny nose
I could not dream of not being with you
You never give me those damn bad woman blues

She's so good
She's so sweet
Lord I love her from her head
down to her feet
She's alright
She's alright
You alright the way you love me x
Song Comments

Bare Thread Does The Blues
uh huh ... oh yeah ... ... ... ... ... ... alright !

Yeah!... Alright! good now ya'll. :-D

The Good Stuff: VI
Great playing. Dirty-ass swamp blues. The mix could be tweaked a bit, but there is no hiding the guts of this tune. Reminds me a bit of Leslie West and Mountain. Nice.

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