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Saturday, September 13, 2008 4:56:26 PM
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Thursday, September 25, 2008 11:39:28 PM
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REAL HARD Alternative
Hugo's Thank You Station
Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
EU hates live music
Got Live If You Want It
LIve and Lo-Fi a la pHLegm
Outside the Bachs


Lots of people getting JUMPY.....


Lotsa people getting JUMPY, Everyone’s moving out
Looking for isolation, Finding none around
Examine the evidence, cause there’s lots to be found
Too Many people, wear the nuclear crown

So lets start a GOLD RUSH, join the Billionaires club
Get-rich-quick kids, Sort your own problems out
I uncover more evidence, cause there’s lots of it about
Imperial jokers, there’s one in every town

I can see that you need - HELPING OUT
What’s the use of all this - FREAKING OUT
All you people burning - BURNING OUT
I hear your voices - SCREAM and SHOUT
F-F-Frus-tration, (Know what I’m talking about!)

Now I’m getting JUMPY, with all this hanging around
Always looking for SOMETHING, SOMEONE, ANYONE?
Come on turn me on
Where you are is what you got
Faceless people pull all the shots
Get yourself ready, Right NOW,
cause it’s time we pulled on out

© The CODE 2006
Song Comments


Hugo's Thank You Station
My only FRUSTRATION right now is that I can't grab an axe and jam with THE CODE!

REAL HARD Alternative
Really DIG this one Colin! Y'all are gonna be AMAZIN' LIVE. I've checked out the video footage. You enlist a lot of young'uns, just like me. We got two 17 years old dudes in the collective right now, and they can phuckin' ROCK! ROCK on Colin & The CODE see ya at the OXFORD show, December 6th!

Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
DAMN, I'm frustrated these amazing UK rockers didn't make it to the final round of this fuckin' Indie Contest on IAC. They are AWESOME. I dream of sharin' the stage one day, before I die. Here they are: LIVE and IN YOUR FACE, The Muthafuckin' CODE !!!

LIve and Lo-Fi a la pHLegm
Oh HELLS YEAH! Frustration, man. You have GOT to see these boyz LIVE! I will be soon, tha's fo sho', when we finally get our arses moved to the UK.

Outside the Bachs
Great recording Great song...Frustration!

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