Leland Thomas FaegreNew Age Symphonia
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Sunday, October 26, 2008 6:23:05 PM
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Sunday, October 26, 2008 6:36:26 PM
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New Age Inspirational


Although originally a keyboard composition, typically the guitar becomes as important; and in this instance the projects full production came to be more symphonic than originally considered. It draws upon orchestral instruments including French Horn, Harp and Timpani that are incorporated within a 'New Age' production genre. Compositionally erudite and uplifting, 'New Age Symphonia' is an anthem of anticipation for our age...

Engineered by Michael French at Down to Hear Productions; Engineered and Mastered by Patrick Collins at Collinator Studios

On a splendid Spring Saturday in 1994, drummer and good friend Dan Titus and I produced and recorded this rather infectious track developed around a patch on the Roland D-50 called Landsat. I remember the day very well because on my way to his studio a new release [The Division Bell] by Pink Floyd was playing on the radio and the year's new perennial grass was on display as the Vernal sun glistened upon, and the wind attempted to blow over, its natural blade green carpet.

Dan added drums and timpani and the entire track came together in a few hours. But it was not until October of 2002 that I began a serious production that I thought could be accomplished in about six weeks. Lamentably, it was not completed [due to other working tracks and studio upgrades] until June 14, 2003. Not unlike a photograph, New Age Symphonia captures an episode of my musical history...
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