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{ Paul Lafornara - Arrangement } - { Narrative - Barack Obama at Manassas, VA rally - November 3rd 2008 } - November 2008 - The View

Let me start by noting that this is our last rally of the campaign that began nearly two years ago.
We’ve gone to every corner of this country.
I have been deeply humbled by this journey.
You have spoken of your dreams,
You have moved me again and again.
You have ... inspired me.
Sometimes when I’m down you have lifted me up.
You’ve filled me with new hope for our future.
And you’ve reminded me about what makes America so special.
I’ve been struck again and again about the fundamental decency,
and generosity, and dignity of men and women who work hard without complaint
to meet their responsibilities every day.
I’ve come away with an unyielding belief,
that if we only had a government that was as responsible as all of you,
as compassionate as the American people,
there is no obstacle we can’t overcome.
There’s no destiny we cannot fulfill.
Twenty-one months of campaigning,
we are less than one day away
from bringing about change in America.
at this defining moment in history,
you can give this country the change that we need.
Now our campaign hasn’t been perfect,
there have been times that I have looked back and said,
ya know, maybe I wouldn’t have done that,
if I thought it a little bit more.
But I tell ya what, when I think about this campaign
ya gotta lot to be proud of when it comes to the tone that we set,
We tried to argue issues, and not engage in personal attacks.
We’ve been fierce in defending ourselves,
but we’ve tried to make sure that we’re always reminding our supporters,
that all of us are in this together;
Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native-American, Democratic AND Republican,
young and old, rich and poor, gay and straight, disabled and not disabled,
all of us have something to contribute.
We tried to communicate for these last two years,
we can’t afford the same political games, the same tactics
that pit us against one another, to make us afraid of each other.
We can’t afford that anymore.
Not this time.
We are all one nation,
all of us proud,
all of us patriots,
all of us salute this flag.
The men and women who serve our battlefields,
come from many walks of life,
different political parties but they fought together, and they bleed together.
Some died together, under the same proud flag.
They have not served red America or blue America,
they have serve the United States of America.
And this is what this campaign had been about!
Calling out to serve the UNITED STATES of America!
In this campaign I’ve had the privilege to witness what is best in America,
The UNITED STATES of America! x
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