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Saturday, April 04, 2009 11:17:57 PM
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Monday, July 25, 2011 3:02:07 AM
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Sandman's Songbirds
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All the beautiful people
Falling from the stars
All the beautiful pictures not on the wall
All the beautiful faces compartmentalized
Resist the images blooming inside

Is this where you close your eyes?
Is this the war you're willing to fight?

You turned art into a product
When a misanthropic jaw tucked
Away the mastery of freeing minds of pulling strings

And the self-indulgent awe-struck
Swarming mobs creating sawdust
Of what used to be ideas that we used to could believe

While the melancholy whispers
Ink a flavored wind that blisters
Onto a naked canvas drawing out the sacred sound

Of nuance in there silent breaths
Of soaking in a perfect mess
Where a vivid blur comes tumbling after a dampened echo of laughter
That pours into the cracks in their souls.

And I see you there
Behind your eyes
Pretending this scene is worth your while

Is this where you go to breathe?
Is this the world you're willing to see?

Must you now be used by brush strokes
The way an empty lover's touch chokes
Away the poetry of tenderness of ecstasy

And the prepackaged meditation
The repression of creation
Frolics in the blindspot of a life of pageantry. x
Song Comments

Private Stock
Un-Commercialized music ... yeah !

Davies Ison And Friends...
A genuine sense of heart and a desire to create some space and mood go a long way for me..Some lovely poetic lines and a sweet melancholic vibe that reminds me a little of the spirit of Nick Drake (specially with the violin) and maybe Belle And Sebastian minus the irony..Nice track :)

The DebateArt Versus Commerce!!

Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
I dig the 60's retro vibe and the LYRICS are incredible. S'funny that Kevin White Didn't dig it. It's a variation of a message he was trying to deliver in Without Radio.....Welcome to Phlegm Phavorites OverPhlow !

Sandman's Songbirds
I am really impressed by the originality, the arrangement, and of course the poignant lyrics expressed in this tune. These guys have an original sound evolving that may well allow them to carve an original little niche in the world of music. Rock on guys!

Mighty Jerkules Approved Too
There's more where that came from. Visit their page. Go race a firedragon or something.

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