Cheryl CasselmanI Believe in Angels
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Sunday, September 25, 2005 1:46:05 AM
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Thursday, January 08, 2009 5:36:45 PM
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i like it
Sunshine Coast
Freedom Lovers
Don't fence me in
voodoohead productions
The Originals


Meaningful and full to truth in this one.a true story..superb vocals
Cheryl lays it on the line with a gritty performance on
I believe you gotta have this one on your radio station

Cheryl Casselman

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sweetness of an angel

Freedom Lovers
We have angels in our midst. To carry our soul when we are low tired and sick. And when our hearts are heavy

voodoohead productions
true country from Ontario Canada, award winning Cheryl Casselman displays a wonderful grasp of how country music should be sung.

The Originals
2005 was a busy year promoting artists for me ,i would say the busiest year in my promotions business via voodoohead productions, along came Cheryl and again finding me on the internet, google or yahoo search, she has won many awards in Canada for her songwriting and we made great inroads in Australia, New Zealand and Europe as well as Canada. There is some real fine singing and cool steel happening, welcome to he originals Cheryl. bt

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