Georgia ThomasAsh and Embers
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Thursday, June 18, 2009 10:44:26 AM
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Thursday, June 18, 2009 11:06:54 AM
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Writers: Georgia Thomas, Mark Alan Peters, Stan Swiniarski

The Voodoo moon cuttin’ right through
The cypress trees on the Mississippi bayou
Take a last look around at this old house
Nothing left for me here 'cuz I’m through with your lyin’
done with the cryin’
I know where you are, I know her name
When you get home you’re gonna pray for rain

Gonna strike a match to your memory
Watch the smoke carry it away from me
Hot flames swallow everything in sight
Show you what can happen in just one night
Starin’ in the glow of the cracklin’ timbers
I’ll be leavin’ you - ash and embers

Thought you had me fooled with that new perfume
You bought me so I couldn’t smell her on you
When you’re done with her, you’ll forget her name
But I’m makin’ sure you’ll remember my face

Song Comments

What the Folk!
Fools you as the song starts off with that plunky banjo picing away then comes the big slammin country rock kicking out a monster whack of sound. nice combo of rhythm instrumentation and the vocals of Georgia are indeed captivating nice piece of work, large landscape of soundscaping.,leans more to if I can say it this way power country rock with a big kick. Will probably add to a few more stations. should do well here and anywhere....

Andys Wide Open Blues Jam

Got Music?
If Bobbie Jo Gentry wanted to rock a little more, this is kind of what it would sound like. A good, solid, well-produced number, carried by Ms. Thomas' vocal and lots of healthy guitar licks. First-rate. (thh) I listen to local radio and Sirius and I'm surprised I've havent heard of Georgia Thomas. From the sound of the production is seems like she has professional backing and the talent to make it. (awr)

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