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Sunday, July 05, 2009 1:16:07 AM
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For Bonnie, reborn thanks to animal rescuer's in Greece

Inspired by a story I read in Greek Animal Rescue UK's summer newsletter. For more information on GAR's wonderful work please visit their website - and myspace -

Greek Tragedy

I was preparing for a funeral
The day we brought you in
We called you Boney Fingers
You were Lazarus, sores and skin
We didn't think you'd make it
So many don't pull through
It's just so hard to take it
The pain of dogs like you

Greece why don't you listen
Are your people cold as stone?
Don't you see the devastation?
Poor creatures skin and bone
Don't you hear the cries of pity
Don't you care how many die?
From shore to land to city
They are killed before your eyes

And people try to save them
But you block their every move
You poison, starve and maim them
Uneducated, cruel
There is no other reason
It's there for all to see
Yet you profit from tourist season
While your dogs hang from the trees

You seem to have no conscience
No mercy, kindness, care
While some pick up the pieces
Greece fails animals by law
It's time to end your ignorance
It's time to become humane
There is no excuse for indifference
While they die in vain

If I had a travel ticket
Well I wouldn't go to Greece
I'd do anything to avoid it
Until the animals have a voice...

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All Rights Reserved
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BSL IS EVIL - Lennox & Spencer ~ STOP IT
I will never travel to Greece:(

CVFA's Radio Play
For my people - my government ! SHAME ON YOU !

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