Alexandra PowellFirst Love
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009 3:10:37 AM
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009 3:15:05 AM
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This song is about my journey through love and realizing what it actually means. Learning a lot through love and loss. And waiting for the true love of my life, while never forgetting the first one that started it all!

Lyrics & Vocals: Alexandra Powell
Guitar: Curtis Reuss

This is the first official song I've ever written and recorded. My step Dad was sitting in the living room one night playing this great tune on his guitar and I just grabbed a pen and paper and poured my heart out! I believe this song deserves a lot of love. I put a lot into it! I hope people like it and I'm sure most people can relate to it!
I know I loved you,
My heart is very big

But i didn't love you,
Like I loved him

Maybe I was missing him,
Filling a void with you

Now you've gone away,
But I'm not missing you,
Sometimes I miss him

I believe some people in life get lucky and find
The one first time around

While others go through a few heartaches
Til' fate decides they're ready to finally find it

I now realize for me there will be
The one I'll love forever and the other
I'll never forget

No I'll never forget

So now another love lost
waiting for another love to find

The one meant for me
I know he's out there somewhere

Maybe he's in love

Soon faltering like me
Only one day landing in
Each others embrace

Finding a true love
A real love
Deeper than I've ever know

But the first love
I'll never forget
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