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Friday, September 11, 2009 11:41:06 AM
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Monday, September 28, 2009 7:49:05 AM




There's a feller on the corner
Selling sixteen brands of crap
His banter echoes clearly
Drawing the attention of the pack
A one off special deal is here
Is here on permanent display
How 'bout you sir
Hey you there madam
Don’t be shy step right this way
I'll make your day

Can I wrap it for you sir
No extra charge it's quite alright
Have a good day
Have a good day now
Mind how you go sir
Mind just how
Mind how you go

Oh that ought to be sufficient
That'll certainly suffice
Right on it now
I've got it
Don't you
Don't you worry
Don't you worry 'bout the price

There's a fellow in a Bentley
Barking orders down the phone
A deal has fallen through in Yemen
And the market's looking prone
He's been at war
At war in silence
Since the day they walked away
Someone to tend his every whim
As long as he's got the cash to pay
Oh that's really quite sufficient
I'm quite sure it will suffice
Use my card
Go out and treat yourself
To something very nice
Don't you worry
Your little head
About the price

Mind how you go

Mind how you go
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