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Saturday, October 03, 2009 5:39:44 PM
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Saturday, October 03, 2009 6:01:09 PM
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Red Licks-White Ass-Blues
Muriel Cigars
Blues Music is Truth
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Im gonna take ya back home, Deep where the river runs
Gonna find a new sound, Keep ya movin till the mornin comes

Gotta be a fast car-topdown-swingin little lady-back beat
Bass line drivin like you stole it, and you cant catch me
Like drivin a train off the track, but keepin it smooth as a new Cadillac
Looking cool as a new pair of shades, or some cheap sunglasses

Guitars playin all night long, Singin bout wemon doin wrong
You know none of it dont mean a thing unless you can say!

Alright Boys! Let's play it Big As Texas
Come on get down boys, We gotta play it Big as Texas

Music man it comes and goes, where it quits no one knows
Keepin it real can be a trying thing unless you can play it
Play it as big as Texas



Im gonna take you back home, deep where the river runs
Gonna find a new sound, keep you movin till the mornin comes

Music man it comes and it goes, where it quits nobody knows
Keepin it real can be a trying thing, Unless you can play
Play it as BIG AS TEXAS!
Song Comments

Blues Music is Truth
Oh ripping out the rocking blues givin er with some great vox and solid gutty blues with some fine kinda riffage laying it down...welcome to Blues Music is Truth...

Red Licks-White Ass-Blues
Sit down and shut up Junior!....CSL's sound is "Big As Texas"!

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