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Wednesday, January 20, 2010 6:48:53 PM
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Monday, January 24, 2011 3:14:10 AM
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this trax has a message pls read it.

ok so heres what the song is about:

Around the sun we travel....all of us, all life for three hundred and sixty five days.
As we have for thousands of years. Yet we have not learned.
I am a watcher, a thinker that stands outside the box.
Who with the gifts of insight and wisdom sees our stark reality.
This is what i see for all humans.

Besides the unknown threats from within and beyond our universe, and
the pending destruction from our planet itself;
Our biggest threat is.....Us

With our senseless wars over resources, money, and stature;
there is so much divide were there should be unity...because we are all human.

There is nothing but destruction and death dealt by our hands;
when we were made to create; for we are creation...life.

We are all of spirit and energy but each religion divides us more;
when the truth of spirituality is that many paths lead to one point.

We all need to learn this,
all human's must evolve,
so we may finally unite our planet;
and put a stop to the wars, destruction, and divide...that must end.

Or sadly all life will end by our hands,
this is the hard truth, the cold reality I see;
as we in the depth of space travel around the sun.
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Travel around the sun with Xeno71...it's a wild ride...you'll enjoy it!

programmer and songwriter/ Lance Williams, 39 years old, has been in the electronic music scene since '89-90. Initially as a dancer, he has in the last 10 years managed to teach himself various music creation programs for p.c., and has produced well over 40 trance traxs.

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