Paul grooverRoad rage rising feat. Ecut
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Saturday, April 10, 2010 3:49:57 AM
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Sunday, September 11, 2011 11:08:59 PM
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What have you done since you were born
Stuck in your prism of steel and glass

Paul groover Keyboard,Production and Lyrics Ecut Original vocals and Art

Met Ecut on IAC
Road rage rising Lyrics By Paul groover after trying to get thru London in Rush Hour

what have you done since you were born
what do you know about the outside world
Stuck in your prism of steel and glass
the chains dragging behind
Your in the mire again day by day
your mind is burning
looking for that exit

The road rage rising you came prepared
the machine gun stashed
not one more day will you drag those chains
you rise from your seat and stand on your roof and
let all hell break loose

The road rage rising
the bullets are dying
the prisms are flying
the explosions rip at the edge

they are closing in
they will not cannot let you escape
the hot lead fly,s it shatters your eye
as you lie there dying did you feel it
Can you feel it
The road rage rising

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Ice Station Zebra
rush hour

Guitar groover

The Good Stuff: VI
I'm not sure what it is about this, but I am really digging it! Great one, Paul. Reminds me a little bit of early Ministry or some of that early, creepy WaxTrax stuff. And, being a child of Chicago in the 1980's, I have a soft spot for that. Lovin' it!

Paul groover started in 1995 as Saul groover for a charity gig in local drinking hole.I was experimenting with electronic music on a amiga computer so i thought i would try it out live it went down with a mixed response.I suppose nobody had tried to do it this way at that time so they were not prepared for it.After that day i knew i was heading in the right direction for me.I joined iuma in 2000 and released over 30 songs on iuma over a 3 year time line.With a very good reponse especially from the States and Canada as i was doing a lot of rap hiphop breakbeat and dnb. My music was going in a different direction from the commercial side when iuma went pop.So i went underground for 2 years experimenting with some fresh ideas.Trying to create my own freedom of expression and identity

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