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Thursday, July 08, 2010 2:20:48 PM
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Thursday, July 08, 2010 4:13:41 PM
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Lyric talks of values without the need for religion to enforce them

Two and two make three
But only when I scream
All the other times two and two make four
And that’s the time I think
Reflect on what I know
Open up the flies to their home from home

I see you on T.V
Meet you every now and then
A placid man it’s hard that I’ll lose my cool
But you claim you’ve open hearts?
Keep crossed your rosy legs?
You know frustration takes you to the darkest place?

And I don’t know why
But it just won’t sit inside
And I don’t know why
There’s three colours in your eyes

When I believe in love
I believe in giving out
I believe the stars will always shine
I’ve nothing to deny
I don’t wanna hurt no one
I listen to my flies they tell me why

We all come from the past
Way back then it made more sense
Mis-decoded words kept the masses tight
But we’ve come along
Raped of all our innocence
Just takes a little faith tell me I’m not right!

You continue as you are
Spitting out your twisted lines
Sure as hell you’ll go to that bright blue place
I try to make you fall
Swap reason for the advocate
And feel my dampening legs on the windy shore

So we’ll go
Hand in hand until we fold

Song Comments

positive lyrics and very nice 80's british invasion melody... love it plukett

Nobody likes them, they make him buzz

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