SisterloversHave You Seen
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 11:18:21 AM
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Sunday, April 23, 2006 10:46:12 AM
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KWLF (Werewolve Radio)
The little station that could.
Goldi Rock
Rada Net Radio (Ethnosonics)
Rada Net Radio (NU WAVE)
Wildly Eclectic Radio 2
Ride to where the ride takes you.
eYe 2


Gentle melody develops into a sub Sonic Youth assault before giving into a killer chorus

Available on Best Of Sisterlovers Vol 1 from
Song Comments

The little station that could.
Great tune, at the beginning it reminds me of a mazzy starr song. It's retro yet fresh at the same time. wonderful job guys. Sean McCready

Goldi Rock
Large headphones, press "play", lock the doors to the outside world, close your eyes and believe that you're being led by the hand into a dream: A great group with even greater possabilities. Good stuff.

As long as bands like the 'Sisterlovers' are still out there then I'm happy to know that Rock & Roll is alive and well. I have no doubt that this band live would slice your ears off at 100 yards and use them as dips!

eYe 2
So dig this tune eYe do, well produced, big power chords here and there and nice touches with a good openness of space with lighter parts. dynamic powerful, and at times laid back with re-occurring progressions. clear vibrant vocals. somewhat Teenage Fanclub vibe

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